Tuesday, 30 October 2012


What is happiness in your perception? Think about it! What comes to your mind when you give it a thought? Well according to me, it is something that is incredible, very special, gives you a great feeling, it comes from countless things and it just turns your world upside down.
If you notice and put a glimpse in your daily life then you will notice that if someone smiles at you, it gives you a good feeling deep within, if someone does something virtuous for you, it gives you a symbol of happiness.
Happiness is a gift that you should cherish, you should always find reasons to be happy because life is too short to be unhappy, if you think about unhappy or  sorrowful things then it does not make you feel so good, in fact it depresses you, gives you un pleasant thoughts and you feel gloomy so instead of living in the darkness why not smile? Why not be happy and think positively, one positive gesture of someone or a thing you like or a thing that pleases you, makes you happy so go after it, seek it and just be happy always because it makes you confident, opens up your mind and makes you a very successful person… live your life happily guys and flush all the bad memories or thoughts out of your mind and fill it with beautiful things and just go with the flow and enjoy every bit of your life… Happiness is the key to success and everybody has it all you have to do is find it, so start hunting because it’s a treasure hunt and you need to seek it so that you can have it and once you do, gratification is what you get from it and then it stays with you if you take care of it and maintain it and never let it go.
Be happy because it’s the most delighting thing that one can always find… yep! It’s on you how you find it then fun and enjoyment is all yours. Stay blessed guys and just be happy =D