Sunday, 26 June 2011

Parents at fault!

Parents are no doubt the best thing that our superior ( ALLAH mian ) has created. But you see no one is perfect in this world, not even our parents. Sometimes our parents makes such mistakes which have a great effect on the children.
Parents criticize and blame their children not knowing that they have made them that way. For example, when they fight in front of their children and use bad language and sometimes they even raise their hands on each other. Is this the way? Is this what they are teaching their children? and then they blame those poor souls?    
This is unfair! It should not happen, this will lead the children towards the wrong path, and if they start doing bad stuff, they get blamed? NO! they are not at fault and they should not be blamed!. The parents are at fault! I request you parents that please keep your issues to yourself and discuss them in private. I also beg you not to fight because you children love you very much and they can't see you like that. 
Think about them! ALLAH gave you such a precious blessing don't let it go to waste! THANK YOU ! .