Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My guide ...

3 years back i was really mad at the happenings , things were so messed up , there were allot of misunderstandings i lost some really good friends and i did not notice that from all my friends one of them was always on my side , always there to help me , correct me whenever i was wrong , scold me on my silly mistakes , made me laugh , made me feel special , he was always my guide . I  can never thank him for all the things that he did for me. I can say it very confident-ally that a friend like him is really hard to find. 
Yesterday it was his Birthday. Almost 4 years now since i have known this stupid , amazing guy :P ha ha ... Hassan tell me how should i thank-you for always being there? Tell me what can i do for you? I will be more then happy to help you in any case and you know i'm always there for you :) . 
You know ? you are the only person whom i listen to, otherwise everyone knows that i listen to myself. acha ab zada khush na ho!!! :P ha ha 
For all the years we have been together i always found you with me , you never left my side. You've always helped me like no one ever did. You really are my guide. I love you best friend ! i can't ever thank-you but still here " i thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did. I can never think of losing you".
Everyday i wish and pray for your success , long happy life with someone who deserves you the best =) .
This was for all the lovely years we had together and i hope the upcoming years will also be as bright as the past have been =D IA  ( GOD BLESS YOU!)
* A true friend is someone who never steps back when the rest of the world does and the best example of such friend you! =) 

Music is my escape !

I love music ! music is what i listen to mos of the time. 
Where music has bad signs , it has good signs to. Some music gives you a positive note it encourages you and motivates you. I always look at the positive sign of music and music is my best escape whenever i am upset , feeling low or really angry . 
i have a list of music that encourages me and makes me feel really good which are as follows ::
*Imagine - Avril lavigne :: this song tells us to love the people around us and be loyal.
*Life's a climb - Miley Cyrus :: This song tells us to be strong and face all the hardships in life because sometimes we lose and sometimes we win but we should never lose hope.
* Who says - Salena Gomez :: This song tells us to love ourselves and be who we are.
* Beautiful - Eminem :: This song also tells us to be who we are and we should never point at anybody else , we should rather point ourselves first.
* Don't worry , be happy - Bob Marley :: This is a very cute song which cheers me up always , we should really be happy always =)
* I'm not a girl - Brittany Spears :: This is a wonderful song in which a girl has seen so much in life that she can't be called a girl and she's not even a woman yet and she's stuck in between .. very well sung .
* Just the way you are - Bruno Mars :: In this song a message is conveyed to the loves that you are amazing just the way you are , you look beautiful in your own way and he would like to see his lover in that way forever.
* Home - Chris  Daughtry :: This song tells us that there's no place like home , home is hwere you are safe , and all the love can be found in your home which is pure and never ending love.
* Butterfly fly away - Miley Cyrus :: A very cute song that a daughter has written for her dad who has always been there like a mother and a dad and has never let the girl feel the loss of her mother.
* Bachpan - Kaavish :: In this song the guy is dead and he's missing all the memories that he had and is  saying that now i realize that every one  should stay united , family should always be close to each-other. 
Similarly there are many songs that gives us a positive note they gives us a warning and they tell us to change in a good way.