Sunday, 30 October 2011

All the crazy shit we did...!!!

 Waking up everyday morning and thinking about alright what will be the plan today or should i be ready for the unexpected one? Waiting for the good morning text and oh the day couldn't be any better...whenever you feel down or upset then you cannot think about anything else but your friends…
This is for my lovely sister KHADIJA NAQQASH … baby I love you so much, life without you is not possible… I don’t care how far away you are; because for me you are always close, always with me… you are not just a friend for me, but are my sister and baby I am always there for you…
KHADIJA.aka.DEEJU has always been there for me through all the up’s and dons she has always been with me, never left my side, and now even when she has gone to Canada she’s still with me… I don’t know how to thank her… how to tell her that how grateful I am to her... instead I know she’ll tell me to shut up! LOL
We have had such epic moments together which can never be forgotten, DEEJU is the most beautiful person that I have met… no kidding. She’s a kind of a person who never thinks about herself but for the other person instead.
All the crazy shit we did will always be with me, it will always move with me… because when everybody leaves a true friend and you family is always with you and DEEJU is such a friend whom I know will always be my shoulder… sweet heart I could not wish for any other sister like you <3 I love you… I love you so much…
We’ll always be together IA and move on together... will always be in each other’s grief and happiness J  
Lot’s of love: Mini.