Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Over eating a mess!!!

Hey there peeps!
I have some really cool and useful things here for you guys.
Nowadays as there are vacations, what most of the people do is sit, relax, sleep and EAT… what they mostly eat is junk!!! They eat so much even more then they can handle which gets them into a big mess and what happens is that they get really chubby!
For that I would rather advice you guys to do something constructive.
Tips that would help:
·      Go for healthy activities like swimming, playing badminton, tennis, cricket, volleyball. All these things are really worth it and by doing that you’ll stay active and will get fitness at the same time!
·             Make a proper diet plan in which you should have a good filling breakfast which consists of any one of the following:
·        Cereal
·         Porridge
·          Fresh juice
·          A bowl of fruit salad
·       A cup of milk with a sandwich
Having these will be lovely to begin a new day.
·       You guys can eat anything you want to but when it comes to oily things then you should have it in a balanced manner.
·     Going for a walk early in the morning or after dinner would be a good thing to do.
·    I have heard that green tea is really refreshing, helps you stay light all day.
·        Intake of plenty of water everyday to remain fit plus helps to keep your skin glowing!!!
All these tips would definitely help you guys to burn extra calories! You will feel good and the best part is that you’ll fit perfectly in your skinny jeans ;)
***Fun fact: Have as much Coke as you want to but all you have to do is keep exercising, trust me you won’t get fat!!!
The more you sweat, the more you lose!!!***
Remain fit, Stop eating so much, keep moving keep losing!!!