Tuesday, 30 October 2012


What is happiness in your perception? Think about it! What comes to your mind when you give it a thought? Well according to me, it is something that is incredible, very special, gives you a great feeling, it comes from countless things and it just turns your world upside down.
If you notice and put a glimpse in your daily life then you will notice that if someone smiles at you, it gives you a good feeling deep within, if someone does something virtuous for you, it gives you a symbol of happiness.
Happiness is a gift that you should cherish, you should always find reasons to be happy because life is too short to be unhappy, if you think about unhappy or  sorrowful things then it does not make you feel so good, in fact it depresses you, gives you un pleasant thoughts and you feel gloomy so instead of living in the darkness why not smile? Why not be happy and think positively, one positive gesture of someone or a thing you like or a thing that pleases you, makes you happy so go after it, seek it and just be happy always because it makes you confident, opens up your mind and makes you a very successful person… live your life happily guys and flush all the bad memories or thoughts out of your mind and fill it with beautiful things and just go with the flow and enjoy every bit of your life… Happiness is the key to success and everybody has it all you have to do is find it, so start hunting because it’s a treasure hunt and you need to seek it so that you can have it and once you do, gratification is what you get from it and then it stays with you if you take care of it and maintain it and never let it go.
Be happy because it’s the most delighting thing that one can always find… yep! It’s on you how you find it then fun and enjoyment is all yours. Stay blessed guys and just be happy =D

Monday, 24 September 2012


Sometimes it is not necessary to meet a person to judge a person, sometimes just talking is enough and sometimes even when you meet a person it takes you forever to judge a person and sometimes just one talk can tell you everything.
Usually people keep on going in and out of your lives and sometimes some people come and they never leave, all these things just look good in reading but sometimes they happen as well. Some people come and stay and make you feel that you also are special or mean something to someone. Sometimes you think it’s a dream but sometimes somewhere it shows you that you’re not dreaming and it’s actually happening. Sometimes you keep on waiting for that someone to come but sometimes that someone is in your life and you don’t even have a clue. Sometimes some people love you for a reason but sometimes some people love you for no reason and sometimes some people loves you unconditionally and now that’s for you to judge. Sometimes when some people get that someone, they do so much for each other and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not…
Just like sometimes… sometimes you get a person who: cares for you, takes interest in your life, loves you, be with you, gives you his shoulder, scolds you because he cares, guides you because he’s true, talks to you, walks with you, holds your hand to say “I am with you”, fights with you because it is also special at times, cries with you etc etc
 Sometimes when I think about sometimes stories I think my sometimes is almost here… or maybe already here, sometimes people hate sometimes stories but deep inside that’s the thing everybody’s waiting for, so if you get your sometime don’t push it back, because you never know maybe it’s the one that you were waiting for!!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Relations good or bad… How do you see them?

Relations have both good and bad sides but mostly what people does is that they keep on ignoring the bad side and stay with the good which is good but sometimes it can be really worse as well.
I have listened to a lot of stories… how people end up getting hurt and just ruin themselves behind a single person and majority are girls because they are stupid … no seriously they are I am one and I can say that I am very stupid.. Nothing to be ashamed of but that’s a fact =P anyways, how would you feel when the other person ends up liking someone else and you don’t even have a single clue about it? What if he is making lame excises just because he’s bored of you? Or doesn’t want to see you anymore? How would you feel? You put everything in and in the end you are left out like you were nobody… so, just stop being stupid and think about it… never trust anybody so quickly, don’t judge easily, don’t open up so quickly, don’t start feeling a lot… take time, move slow, stay calm, get to know him first and then decide because nowadays people have made relations a joke… they keep on changing people like as if they are changing clothes… is it a joke? Playing with people’s feelings? Do you think its fare? No! Its not!
Think about it… Move slow, chose wisely and go for the one who you think is best for you because you know yourself better… and you nobody’s perfect, everybody have faults but some people are just way too much… they don’t have feelings.. all they know is to fulfill there needs and throw people away… you know the difference, you know everybody around you and you very well know the situation so keep your eyes open… because you never know what you might get into.
-Something to think about!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sisters forever...!!!

[(This post has been written by my 12 years old sister and i am really touched by reading all this... seriously this was the sweetest post ever Mahnoor. I love you little princess =**)]
Me and Mini are the best sisters ever! We love each other as no one has ever loved anyone since I was born an as I am now we had many fights and arguments and trust me when I say a lot, but still we love each other, and no matter what happens we’ll love each other till the end since we had our first talk when I was probably 3 or 4 we promised to ourselves that we will never let anyone come in our way. No one can break our bond and we will never let any one break it. So till the day we are alive we were sisters, we are sisters and we will always be sisters no matter what happens. We had funny moments and we had bad moments but still we are one. I love you minilympic. Till I am alive. And you will see that by yourself because I am still wearing the band you gave me.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Life is amazing as i know it...!!!

There are so many colors, so many wonders in life that you feel like getting lost in it somewhere.
Life is just so amazing and it is only for those who are the true liver's of it.
Life have different tastes, sometimes its sweet, sometimes its better and sometimes its sour aswel but but but.... the people who deal with it in the most effective ways are those who deal with it calmly, smoothly with a strong and positive mind. In my opinion life is too short to be unhappy then why waste your time sitting like that? come on! just see around you, explore life and trust me you will simply love it! there's alot more to see then this stupid pintless mellow drama!!! i am damn so serious right now! i don't like those people at all who keep on sitting with a low face... what's the use of hurting yourself and giving pain to yourself? no! this won't happen!!! you guys have to get up and get going... do something with your life, do what you want to do, its your life and you have full authority to live it your way!!!
Life gives you so many opportunities, so many chances, avail them man! if you make mistakes then what's the big deal? you learn from them, learn a lesson and don't repeat it because then that will be a foolish thing to do... nobody is perfect but please don't ever let yourself fall, carry yourself, be bold and just make your way through like a somo wrestler ;P... I am serious guys... oh yes i am hell serious!!! i love life and i have done so many experiments with my life and whatever i am now is because i have learnt, learnt alot... i learn from every experience, every little thing, i even learn from my friends and you know what? the best personality that i admire is my mother... and i try to be like her... yep! this is what life is.. you learn from things around you and move on... you have fun, go out with your friends, do the job you love to do... just live your life your way!
Explore the beautiful places... oh! there's alot to see... keep yourself busy... explore your mind, figure out your hidden talent, take it out and bring it to use... don't waist a chance or you will regret it. Remember one thing "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" don't miss a chance or you won't be able to taste its flavour... guys this little life is all that we have, live it in the most amazing, safe and peaceful ways because you won't get it again... i love life, just everything about it, i love nature, i love people, helping them is my most favorite thing, it gives me inner peace, it satisfies me... i love to help others, i love to do things for people so i do it... i love to write so i write... no matter how but i do because i love to, i don't care what others say.. then why should you? think about it... move on... live it up before its too late... i wish you all a very happy and a lovely life... and i also request that please don't let it go to waste, its for your own good... =)

Friday, 29 June 2012


When it really feels that you’ve chosen the perfect friends for you … well it happened to me when I met 2 idiots Umaima and Roshanay. It all started from *HI* *HEY* *WHAT’S UP* and all and then it converted into sisterhood which I am proud of. When I met them I knew that I can trust them, depend on them and I found the same from them for me. When we became friends our lives changed and became PERFECTO! Well enough of the emo-ness… let me tell you more…
Together we have all the fun that we can think of, totally random… we talk, we stalk, we cry, we laugh, we gossip, we run, take unlimited pictures with fantabulous poses HA HA!  LOL and you know what? We just love it! When we got to know each other I felt like yeah now they will always be with me, I felt right. When together we are the happiest. We know we are there for each other in every happiness and sadness. We seek each other for advice, help and sometimes we even scold and even insult but still that doesn’t mean that we break up InshALLAH we’ll always be together. Thank you guys for making my life so much better and happier… you guys make me forget all my worries =D It is just so perfect with you guys…seriously thanks a lot!!! I love you mommy and messi massy you are thee best!!! Without you guys there isn’t any fun! I feel so much hyper and energetic with you guys that I am still laughing while writing LOL…. I know you both are thinking that what is that *something* that I have for you guys… so here is it a little post to our never ending sisterhood =) our little family has just been created so now there’s a long way to InshALLAH. There’s still a lot more fun to come, a lot more meet ups and hangouts to make =D so chill ax and lets live the time of our lives… and lets make it all unforgettable which still is unforgettable… Cheers to us! J And yes of course I just love you guys so much! =D When I started to write I didn’t knew what I will write and now I just can’t stop… anyways happy reading!!! And you guys better stick with me forever or I’ll shoot you guys dead!!! Beware girlies ;) <3

Sunday, 17 June 2012

All that you have to say is that "I WILL!"

If we notice then we’ll see that everybody have some dreams, some aims, some goals etc. that they want to achieve, they want to get them so bad that they spend days and night to get them and obviously its not as easy as it seems to be because dreams are of different kinds some are easy and some are difficult while some are even impossible but they still try and in between they reach a certain point where they get hopeless, there hopes starts to get down which is the where the bell should ring that “NO!” don’t lose hope just keep going because its we who can make anything happen and sometimes we have to spend forever to achieve them but the best amongst us all are those who never says “NO!”
Well as far as I think its that everybody should be determined for whatever there wish is because when you’ll be determined and you’ll focus on your dreams that you want to bring to reality then you have to think positive, you should think about the fruit you’ll get from it… you should think about how happy you’ll feel when they’ll come true, specially when you’ll make them come true.
You should always dream big and everybody have a full right to dream and when you’ll dream big and aim higher you’ll get even more impatient to make them come true, because when you say that “I CAN” & “I WILL” everything gets easy and you feel even stronger and more serious about your desired dream and when you finally get to your destiny and the best moment is when you finally see and feel yourself that your dream has finally come true, trust me that is the best freaking moment, it fills you so much with happiness that you feel on the 7th sky and you can’t get your feet on the ground and you’re like “OH MY EFFIN GOD I did it yaaayyy woohooo!!!”
Just give it a thought and imagine how would that feeling will be like. It would be a very proud moment wouldn’t it? “SIGH” I so want to see everybody’s dream come true because I know how it feels like when you dream for something and when you make a goal and aim towards that target and spend all your wealth and energy to achieve it.
Every single person on this entire planet have a right to dream, because everybody have dreams may they be little or big but they do have dreams, even the little adorable, innocent kids do, if you ask them they do tell you and you just get flattered by there innocent little desires just like that an adult, mature person have dreams and they are more serious and as they are independent and can make there dreams come true so they work on it and bring them to reality. And when there desired dream finally comes true they get happy just like little kids ad there excitement is extraordinary they get so happy that they want to cry just imagine guys!
“WHERE THERE’S WILL THERE’S HOPE” and when you try that is your will and that means that you are very close towards your destiny all you have to do is keep going and never turn back.
Happy dreaming guys and Best of luck with bringing them to reality! Ciao! =)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mama I love you!!!
This post is dedicated to my mother on this special day! which is Mother’s Day, though, I believe everyday is mother’s day. As this special day is only for mothers and we express our feelings to our mothers, we tell them how much we love them, well my feelings are a little different…
I consider my mother my father, my brother, my sister and my best friends, the relation between me and my mother is very special we both mean a lot to each other… we fight like kids, we argue with each other, we laugh like crazy with each other, we share each and every little thing, which makes our bond even stronger. What I am now is just because of my mother… I am not afraid of anything just because my mother is with me and her prayers are with me as well… when nobody is there to listen to me I know my mom is always there, when nobody is with me, my mom is always there to hold my hand tight and say you go ahead I am here for you…. Sometimes I even do something’s which are totally crazy and my mom lets me do, just because I will learn from my mistakes…
I can’t stay without sharing everything with my mom… what I do all day, my personal feelings that no one knows and no one will ever know, my likes, my dreams, my weaknesses, what upsets me is all what I tell her so openly that no one can ever tell their mom’s but I can, because she is somebody just so special for me…. I can’t imagine myself a single second without my mom… I don’t even know what will I do without her… to be honest I am not at all close to my siblings because I find them all in my mom … she is my whole world… I feel secure when she’s around, she makes me feel so special and I make her feel the same way… I listen to her when she is upset, I wipe her tears when she’s down, I stand with her when she needs a shoulder, and I give her advice when there’s no one at her side… I hold her close when she feels alone… I am her sister when she needs one… because I know her pain and I know how has she struggled for our family, I can understand her like no one can ever do… I will always be beside her, to hug her, to love her, to give her all that she wants in her daughter<3 ! I guess now I will stop writing otherwise I won’t be able to control my emotions… Love You Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been in so many troubles from where there’s no way out… but just because of my mothers prayers I always get out of them safely… I thank ALLAH mian a zillion, trillion times just because he gave me such a great friend, such a great dad, such a great brother, such a great sister in just one single human being and that is my mother… I love you more than anything mommy and no one can ever set us apart ever…. I feel so lucky, so lucky because there are some more mothers whose prayers are with me and who love me so much and they are my wonderful phuppo’s who I consider my khala’s as well.. I love you guys… happy mothers day to you people as well… may ALLAH mian bless you all as well <3 

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sometimes life gets so weird that it acts like a maze and it takes ages for you to get out of it. You struggle really hard, figure out different ways to get out of it and sometimes it even scares you and sometimes you lose hope, but some people are strong they don’t lose hope and keep struggling and those who struggle always makes their way out! That’s what you learn to keep moving on and not looking back.
Sometimes life gets really complicated and specially when it’s because of someone who means allot to you, you get shattered, feel left out, you feel like you are standing alone in a middle of nowhere and nobody exists there except you and your shadow. You then think that why did it happen? Why you feel left out? You look inside you, ask yourself for where you went wrong and what you did wrong in short you look for your own mistakes then you look for the other persons mistakes. It’s people who make mistakes but sometimes it’s not them it’s their innocence but people don’t think that way because they don’t know you, they humiliate you, leave you alone when you actually need someone, need someone to listen to you, to understand you, instead they leave you alone, it’s the innocence that puts you into trouble, you trust each and every person so easily because you think that he/she is sincere to you and it happens because you are sincere and pure to everybody but people think that you pretend, you act, gain sympathy when it’s not true it’s because you are dumb enough to understand people, you cannot judge them and they take you for granted and use you. Then you learn that you won’t trust anybody and remain quiet, you won’t say anything for there is no one to understand you. You make stupid mistakes and learn but yes it sure drives you crazy for a second and you get scared you criticize yourself, get into depression but you don’t have to let yourself fall or you’ll get wasted!
This life is very complicated just a little mistake and you’re busted! It is very hard for some people who do show that nothings wrong but people does not know what their life actually is for they make it perfect in people’s eyes. But yes they do make idiotic mistakes that they can’t afford but it’s a human nature that they can’t help but yea they learn when they get slammed in their faces!
I have learnt allot of things from life and some of them are not trusting everybody easily, thinking a thousand times before taking a step, being reserved and hiding the inner you or else people will take you totally wrong and make things on you and you’ll be left out all alone because no one understands you except for your family and nothing can be like your family for their love for you is limitless specially your mama and daddy no one can be as sincere to you as they are. This life is very complicated but with people like your parents it gets just so simple.