Sunday, 17 June 2012

All that you have to say is that "I WILL!"

If we notice then we’ll see that everybody have some dreams, some aims, some goals etc. that they want to achieve, they want to get them so bad that they spend days and night to get them and obviously its not as easy as it seems to be because dreams are of different kinds some are easy and some are difficult while some are even impossible but they still try and in between they reach a certain point where they get hopeless, there hopes starts to get down which is the where the bell should ring that “NO!” don’t lose hope just keep going because its we who can make anything happen and sometimes we have to spend forever to achieve them but the best amongst us all are those who never says “NO!”
Well as far as I think its that everybody should be determined for whatever there wish is because when you’ll be determined and you’ll focus on your dreams that you want to bring to reality then you have to think positive, you should think about the fruit you’ll get from it… you should think about how happy you’ll feel when they’ll come true, specially when you’ll make them come true.
You should always dream big and everybody have a full right to dream and when you’ll dream big and aim higher you’ll get even more impatient to make them come true, because when you say that “I CAN” & “I WILL” everything gets easy and you feel even stronger and more serious about your desired dream and when you finally get to your destiny and the best moment is when you finally see and feel yourself that your dream has finally come true, trust me that is the best freaking moment, it fills you so much with happiness that you feel on the 7th sky and you can’t get your feet on the ground and you’re like “OH MY EFFIN GOD I did it yaaayyy woohooo!!!”
Just give it a thought and imagine how would that feeling will be like. It would be a very proud moment wouldn’t it? “SIGH” I so want to see everybody’s dream come true because I know how it feels like when you dream for something and when you make a goal and aim towards that target and spend all your wealth and energy to achieve it.
Every single person on this entire planet have a right to dream, because everybody have dreams may they be little or big but they do have dreams, even the little adorable, innocent kids do, if you ask them they do tell you and you just get flattered by there innocent little desires just like that an adult, mature person have dreams and they are more serious and as they are independent and can make there dreams come true so they work on it and bring them to reality. And when there desired dream finally comes true they get happy just like little kids ad there excitement is extraordinary they get so happy that they want to cry just imagine guys!
“WHERE THERE’S WILL THERE’S HOPE” and when you try that is your will and that means that you are very close towards your destiny all you have to do is keep going and never turn back.
Happy dreaming guys and Best of luck with bringing them to reality! Ciao! =)