Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beauty the inner you ....

Beauty! If a girl is pretty or good looking everyone will say that ::
OMG! look at her! she is so beautiful.Not knowing her inside. Yes! you got me right, Beauty lies inside, It is the inner you that makes you look beautiful.
Lets suppose that a girl is extremely beautiful but her acts , her attitude , her habits are pathetic , then the whole impression will be ruined and she will be considered ugly. Beauty is internal , the makeup , clothes etc. won't make you look beautiful when the inner you is not beautiful , think over it n hope this would help ::
* Real beauty and glamour is not just mascara and channel no 5. , perfume and perfect lip gloss.
It's being a role model. Being beautiful on the inside and caring about others more than you do yourself.
* Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
If the inner you is not beautiful , It will show by your acts and the way you talk and that can only be noticed by the observer not you because you will obviously think that you are perfect but the observer can actually see what you are actually pretending to be.
here are a few tips ::
1. Be beautiful from the inside and let the glamour flowing  ;)
2. Be good to others , care for the ones around you specially your family which will make not make you look any less than a beautiful princess .
3. Be simple , simplicity is the best policy , which makes you beautiful to.
4. Beauty grabs attention , but personality captures the heart.
I am sure there's something beautiful hidden inside each and everyone of you , all you have to do is is just take it out and let the world know what you really are ... !!!