Monday, 24 September 2012


Sometimes it is not necessary to meet a person to judge a person, sometimes just talking is enough and sometimes even when you meet a person it takes you forever to judge a person and sometimes just one talk can tell you everything.
Usually people keep on going in and out of your lives and sometimes some people come and they never leave, all these things just look good in reading but sometimes they happen as well. Some people come and stay and make you feel that you also are special or mean something to someone. Sometimes you think it’s a dream but sometimes somewhere it shows you that you’re not dreaming and it’s actually happening. Sometimes you keep on waiting for that someone to come but sometimes that someone is in your life and you don’t even have a clue. Sometimes some people love you for a reason but sometimes some people love you for no reason and sometimes some people loves you unconditionally and now that’s for you to judge. Sometimes when some people get that someone, they do so much for each other and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not…
Just like sometimes… sometimes you get a person who: cares for you, takes interest in your life, loves you, be with you, gives you his shoulder, scolds you because he cares, guides you because he’s true, talks to you, walks with you, holds your hand to say “I am with you”, fights with you because it is also special at times, cries with you etc etc
 Sometimes when I think about sometimes stories I think my sometimes is almost here… or maybe already here, sometimes people hate sometimes stories but deep inside that’s the thing everybody’s waiting for, so if you get your sometime don’t push it back, because you never know maybe it’s the one that you were waiting for!!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Relations good or bad… How do you see them?

Relations have both good and bad sides but mostly what people does is that they keep on ignoring the bad side and stay with the good which is good but sometimes it can be really worse as well.
I have listened to a lot of stories… how people end up getting hurt and just ruin themselves behind a single person and majority are girls because they are stupid … no seriously they are I am one and I can say that I am very stupid.. Nothing to be ashamed of but that’s a fact =P anyways, how would you feel when the other person ends up liking someone else and you don’t even have a single clue about it? What if he is making lame excises just because he’s bored of you? Or doesn’t want to see you anymore? How would you feel? You put everything in and in the end you are left out like you were nobody… so, just stop being stupid and think about it… never trust anybody so quickly, don’t judge easily, don’t open up so quickly, don’t start feeling a lot… take time, move slow, stay calm, get to know him first and then decide because nowadays people have made relations a joke… they keep on changing people like as if they are changing clothes… is it a joke? Playing with people’s feelings? Do you think its fare? No! Its not!
Think about it… Move slow, chose wisely and go for the one who you think is best for you because you know yourself better… and you nobody’s perfect, everybody have faults but some people are just way too much… they don’t have feelings.. all they know is to fulfill there needs and throw people away… you know the difference, you know everybody around you and you very well know the situation so keep your eyes open… because you never know what you might get into.
-Something to think about!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sisters forever...!!!

[(This post has been written by my 12 years old sister and i am really touched by reading all this... seriously this was the sweetest post ever Mahnoor. I love you little princess =**)]
Me and Mini are the best sisters ever! We love each other as no one has ever loved anyone since I was born an as I am now we had many fights and arguments and trust me when I say a lot, but still we love each other, and no matter what happens we’ll love each other till the end since we had our first talk when I was probably 3 or 4 we promised to ourselves that we will never let anyone come in our way. No one can break our bond and we will never let any one break it. So till the day we are alive we were sisters, we are sisters and we will always be sisters no matter what happens. We had funny moments and we had bad moments but still we are one. I love you minilympic. Till I am alive. And you will see that by yourself because I am still wearing the band you gave me.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Life is amazing as i know it...!!!

There are so many colors, so many wonders in life that you feel like getting lost in it somewhere.
Life is just so amazing and it is only for those who are the true liver's of it.
Life have different tastes, sometimes its sweet, sometimes its better and sometimes its sour aswel but but but.... the people who deal with it in the most effective ways are those who deal with it calmly, smoothly with a strong and positive mind. In my opinion life is too short to be unhappy then why waste your time sitting like that? come on! just see around you, explore life and trust me you will simply love it! there's alot more to see then this stupid pintless mellow drama!!! i am damn so serious right now! i don't like those people at all who keep on sitting with a low face... what's the use of hurting yourself and giving pain to yourself? no! this won't happen!!! you guys have to get up and get going... do something with your life, do what you want to do, its your life and you have full authority to live it your way!!!
Life gives you so many opportunities, so many chances, avail them man! if you make mistakes then what's the big deal? you learn from them, learn a lesson and don't repeat it because then that will be a foolish thing to do... nobody is perfect but please don't ever let yourself fall, carry yourself, be bold and just make your way through like a somo wrestler ;P... I am serious guys... oh yes i am hell serious!!! i love life and i have done so many experiments with my life and whatever i am now is because i have learnt, learnt alot... i learn from every experience, every little thing, i even learn from my friends and you know what? the best personality that i admire is my mother... and i try to be like her... yep! this is what life is.. you learn from things around you and move on... you have fun, go out with your friends, do the job you love to do... just live your life your way!
Explore the beautiful places... oh! there's alot to see... keep yourself busy... explore your mind, figure out your hidden talent, take it out and bring it to use... don't waist a chance or you will regret it. Remember one thing "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" don't miss a chance or you won't be able to taste its flavour... guys this little life is all that we have, live it in the most amazing, safe and peaceful ways because you won't get it again... i love life, just everything about it, i love nature, i love people, helping them is my most favorite thing, it gives me inner peace, it satisfies me... i love to help others, i love to do things for people so i do it... i love to write so i write... no matter how but i do because i love to, i don't care what others say.. then why should you? think about it... move on... live it up before its too late... i wish you all a very happy and a lovely life... and i also request that please don't let it go to waste, its for your own good... =)