Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hey now...!!!

Hey now! This is what dreams are made of! A very mesmerizing song … gives a great meaning. I totally love this song.
There’s always a hope, always a dream in everybody’s lives and everybody find true love for themselves.
I would like to share a beautiful quote here that I got from someone really smart. :P
“There are a few things in life that touch our hearts so much that we want to cry, Deprivation of a true human relation or realization of such deprivation is one of them and we try to ignore that, Convincing ourselves we are better of alone, but the truth is we all need and crave for love”.
Isn’t it deep and touchy?
Hope is something without which we won’t ever be able to move on in our life and dreams are something that actually gives us hope and a reason to live and move on and the most important and beautiful thing which is love, It is something that inspires us, motivates us and we never say no in life!
Love is what we can get from anyone, our mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, grand parents etc etc …
This song is sung so beautifully that you feel like listening to it over and over again, you just can’t stop loving it, I personally find it a very sweet song.
We should love life, there are so many beautiful things waiting for us, who says life is not a fairy tale, we can make it a fairy tale and make all our dreams come true. Love your family, dream for something really luxurious and out of the world and hope and try and try to make it come true, who knows that one day you will be triumphed and you’ll be standing on your destination and be as happy as no one could ever have been. Because the happiness that you get from your own hard work is unlimited and so natural which comes from deep within? I wish you all the very best and who knows in between 
you find your prince charming or princess charming ;)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Over eating a mess!!!

Hey there peeps!
I have some really cool and useful things here for you guys.
Nowadays as there are vacations, what most of the people do is sit, relax, sleep and EAT… what they mostly eat is junk!!! They eat so much even more then they can handle which gets them into a big mess and what happens is that they get really chubby!
For that I would rather advice you guys to do something constructive.
Tips that would help:
·      Go for healthy activities like swimming, playing badminton, tennis, cricket, volleyball. All these things are really worth it and by doing that you’ll stay active and will get fitness at the same time!
·             Make a proper diet plan in which you should have a good filling breakfast which consists of any one of the following:
·        Cereal
·         Porridge
·          Fresh juice
·          A bowl of fruit salad
·       A cup of milk with a sandwich
Having these will be lovely to begin a new day.
·       You guys can eat anything you want to but when it comes to oily things then you should have it in a balanced manner.
·     Going for a walk early in the morning or after dinner would be a good thing to do.
·    I have heard that green tea is really refreshing, helps you stay light all day.
·        Intake of plenty of water everyday to remain fit plus helps to keep your skin glowing!!!
All these tips would definitely help you guys to burn extra calories! You will feel good and the best part is that you’ll fit perfectly in your skinny jeans ;)
***Fun fact: Have as much Coke as you want to but all you have to do is keep exercising, trust me you won’t get fat!!!
The more you sweat, the more you lose!!!***
Remain fit, Stop eating so much, keep moving keep losing!!! 

Friday, 22 July 2011


This topic is for those people who love to shop! And mostly where shopping is concerned girls don't leave a single chance to go out and grab there favorite accessory, clothes and whatever you can think of. In fact nowadays you can see or hear about various magazines, ads and gossips related to shopping every where. I keep on surfing the internet most of the time and I was looking that if you see most of the pages on Face book then they are about clothes, lawns, jewelry, bags etc. I totally loved everything; all the designs and styles were so classy that anyone can fell in love with them; every design of everything that you can name of has its own beauty and charm. 

There are a few pages that I loved the best which are as follows: B n B Accessories, this page has the most amazing collection of bags, bangles, shoes very sleek and stylish!  
The headbands page has really cute hand made headbands, I really admire that nowadays most of the girls are coming up with really nice creative work, and it is a really good thing! I must say that you guys should keep on coming up with such great work and one day you will get allot of fame! Even allot of designers have introduced lawn prints this summer which are remarkable!
I so want to go out and start shopping at this very moment!
I see so many new shops which have everything of girls need and except for girls I see so many accessory shops for guys also and they have got some really cool bands, belts, scarf’s WOAH! I must say we don’t need to go over seas to shop now as we have got everything of our concern over here in Pakistan!
Come on chuckle-heads what are you waiting for? Get rid of your lazy bums and get moving go out there and start shopping now!                                                                                   

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The happenings.

Well, Yesterday i was just going through a page on this very popular community Facebook and i saw the recent status update which was about the complicated situation of Karachi that there is firing and killing all over the country again.
After reading the whole thing i got really disheartened but then i thought that this all is a normal thing nowadays, every other day  you hear about that someone is killed, someone is kidnapped, someone is abused, someone is harrased, or there's a blast, accident, and the list goes on and on and on! There is no peace. Everyone has become mean, cruel and selfish! No one loves this country anymore and our politicians and presidential group huh! thinking about them gives me a big laugh LOL! because i haven't seen such illiterate, looser and mean people in my entire life! All they know is to sit back and and enjoy our sufferings with a glass of vine. Shame on them! 
And shame on some of us people as-well because we also don't love our country.
QUAID-E-AZAM left this country for our betterment, safety and well being and we don't take care of it. 
In QUAID's times the people were a great support to the country and they used to go with the army to fight against the opponents so boldly and look at us we are a big bunch of coward people! come on! be bold, fight for your country! make all the wrongs go right! and for that we have to get rid of these looser politicians. 
This is our country and we live in it, so we need to protect it and make it a better place!
Whoever said these three words have said them very thoughtfully and we need to think about it!
All i can say after this is this beautiful thing:: 
Lab pe ati hai Du' a bun ke ye tamana meri,
Zindagi shama ki surat ho Khudaya meri! 
Pakistan Zindabad! =D

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meray log ...

Hum logon ki ye adat hai ke hum hamaisha apnay baray mein sochtay hain, hamaisha apni fikar kertay hain lekin kabhi dusron ke baray mein nahin socha. Kabhi ye bhi nai socha ke humaray ilawa aur bhi bahut log hain jo bahut buray halat mein hain, unkay paas tou khanay ke liay bhi kuch nai hota gar aik waqt ko kuch mil jata hai tou aglay kuch dino tak bicharay bhukay rehtay hain, wo log sirf umeed ki bina per jee rahay hain. Agar hum unsay mukabla kerein tou humein ALLAH ka shukar ada kerna chaya hai ke humaray paas bht hai, hum achay say acha khatay hain aur pehentay hain, unkay pas na khanay ko kuch hota hai aur na pehenay ko. Hum logon ko chaya hai ke hum unki madad kerein jitna hum kersakein. 
Humein chaya hai ke hum apnay logon ki parwa kerein aur un logon ki madad kerein jinko wakai mein madad ki zarurat hai aur jo (deserving) hain, agar hum unkayliay kuch acha kerein gay tou humein acha lagay ga aur ALLAH mian ko bhi :) 
Isliye i would say that " We should all love the people in our country, everyone has full right to live and if we can then we should give them that right and make them feel special, make them happy and make them feel good because they are the part of this world and they have all rights to live the life with full luxury".   

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My guide ...

3 years back i was really mad at the happenings , things were so messed up , there were allot of misunderstandings i lost some really good friends and i did not notice that from all my friends one of them was always on my side , always there to help me , correct me whenever i was wrong , scold me on my silly mistakes , made me laugh , made me feel special , he was always my guide . I  can never thank him for all the things that he did for me. I can say it very confident-ally that a friend like him is really hard to find. 
Yesterday it was his Birthday. Almost 4 years now since i have known this stupid , amazing guy :P ha ha ... Hassan tell me how should i thank-you for always being there? Tell me what can i do for you? I will be more then happy to help you in any case and you know i'm always there for you :) . 
You know ? you are the only person whom i listen to, otherwise everyone knows that i listen to myself. acha ab zada khush na ho!!! :P ha ha 
For all the years we have been together i always found you with me , you never left my side. You've always helped me like no one ever did. You really are my guide. I love you best friend ! i can't ever thank-you but still here " i thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did. I can never think of losing you".
Everyday i wish and pray for your success , long happy life with someone who deserves you the best =) .
This was for all the lovely years we had together and i hope the upcoming years will also be as bright as the past have been =D IA  ( GOD BLESS YOU!)
* A true friend is someone who never steps back when the rest of the world does and the best example of such friend you! =) 

Music is my escape !

I love music ! music is what i listen to mos of the time. 
Where music has bad signs , it has good signs to. Some music gives you a positive note it encourages you and motivates you. I always look at the positive sign of music and music is my best escape whenever i am upset , feeling low or really angry . 
i have a list of music that encourages me and makes me feel really good which are as follows ::
*Imagine - Avril lavigne :: this song tells us to love the people around us and be loyal.
*Life's a climb - Miley Cyrus :: This song tells us to be strong and face all the hardships in life because sometimes we lose and sometimes we win but we should never lose hope.
* Who says - Salena Gomez :: This song tells us to love ourselves and be who we are.
* Beautiful - Eminem :: This song also tells us to be who we are and we should never point at anybody else , we should rather point ourselves first.
* Don't worry , be happy - Bob Marley :: This is a very cute song which cheers me up always , we should really be happy always =)
* I'm not a girl - Brittany Spears :: This is a wonderful song in which a girl has seen so much in life that she can't be called a girl and she's not even a woman yet and she's stuck in between .. very well sung .
* Just the way you are - Bruno Mars :: In this song a message is conveyed to the loves that you are amazing just the way you are , you look beautiful in your own way and he would like to see his lover in that way forever.
* Home - Chris  Daughtry :: This song tells us that there's no place like home , home is hwere you are safe , and all the love can be found in your home which is pure and never ending love.
* Butterfly fly away - Miley Cyrus :: A very cute song that a daughter has written for her dad who has always been there like a mother and a dad and has never let the girl feel the loss of her mother.
* Bachpan - Kaavish :: In this song the guy is dead and he's missing all the memories that he had and is  saying that now i realize that every one  should stay united , family should always be close to each-other. 
Similarly there are many songs that gives us a positive note they gives us a warning and they tell us to change in a good way.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Does anyone actually know what love actually means?Love is a feeling which comes straight from your heart.It is very deep,very pure and very strong.
Love brings people close to each-other and those people are not just boy friends and girl friends, Love is between families,friends,children,siblings and sometimes even for your precious belongings.
Love is a kind of feeling that can develop for anyone and at any moment.Only those people know the meaning of love who feel deep and who have pure heart and those who are honest with themselves.
I,myself consider love a very beautiful thing because it changes people from bad to good,it bonds people together,brings happiness in their lives and i love those things which makes people happy.It feels so good when you see that someone loves you or cares about you and is always there to help you,protect you.You feel so special and that feeling is great!
When someone loves you it makes you so happy because if someone loves you he/she does things for you which makes you happy, such as sends you gifts,makes you laugh e.t.c. 
Life without love would be miserable,everywhere there would be hatred and killing which is so colorless.Love brings colors and happiness. So love what you have and love the people around you and love those who care about you and are always there for you.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Poor Girl !

I was making tea for my uncle Asad  in the kitchen when my other uncle Nisar dropped by with his little daughter Saleha, I was shocked to see that she was injured badly.
I quickly made tea For Nisar uncle as-well and quickly went outside to ask what happened to Saleha.He told me that she was playing outside in the garage when their pet Dog attacked her and bit her on her face and arms,poor Saleha :( her wounds were really bad.I could see the scratches of Dogs teeth on her face.
Uncle took her to the Hospital and got her injected.I felt so bad for her,she was in so much pain.I took her in and played with her so that she could feel a little better.
Every1 of you should be really careful when around such Animals.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Story of a stray cat...!!!

Pure white colored furry skin , so soft, big black bulging eyes, a little cute mouth, OH! she looked such an adorable little cat, when i saw her sleeping right next to my foot mat outside my house. I could not help picking her up in my arms and taking her inside the house.
It was really cold so i took a basket put a cushion and then the kitty on the cushion and then i covered her with a blanket. She cuddled the cushion and slept, "AWWWWWW" she looked so cute!.
I decided to keep her forever with me. I gave her the name of Elena. I took her to the hospital got her vaccinated. Took great care of her.
I was just sitting when i realized that these poor creatures that are Animals, they also have feelings , because when i used to pat Elena or  pick er up she used to get so happy and hyper and if i did not see her or played with her a single day , she used to get sad and sit in the corner and did not eat anything, then i thought that she's attached to me, because when you live with someone you get attached with each other automatically.
When i saw Elena's responses towards me they were so cute! whenever i used to call her name she came running and she used to lick my hands . ha ha adorable little creature! =D
We should be nice to Animals because all they want is love and care and protection specially,  at least we can give them that right? rather than just hitting them and being harsh with them and making a sin.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

In the memory of my loving family ...!!!

I still Remember when i was a kid , It used to be so much fun, all of us cousins playing, having sleep overs, how much fun it used to be, I just can't forget those memories, because time changes , places change , people change but memories are all that you remember and cherish them , some even make you cry.
I remember when we all used to sit together talk about everything , share our views and then they all used to pick me and make fun of me as i used to be really dumb . LOL ... but even if they made fun of me atleast it made them smile n laugh that i loved to see on their faces always ... but we are not together anymore , everything has changed , all i have are the memories of those good old times that we spent together . I wish those times could come back , it really makes me cry when i think about them , miss my cousins and specially my grand parents (R.I.P) . But everything happens for good which is also true but if your family is not their with you then everything looks dull and empty .
But i have the loveliest of memories which i remember and smile , even cry at times and miss every second that we spent together.
*Memory is the thing that you cherish , when you don't have the past time of your life anymore.
Always remember the good memories not the bad.
Love your family and your loved ones , those who are very special to you and never let them go because it hurts so much!
                 THE DAYS ,

Fashion ...!!!

Fashion is a popular style of accessories , dressing , living , etc. 
Nowadays everything is considered fashion even the pathetic stuff like smoking and drinking.
Fashion is all about style , but some people doesn't know what style means, instead of being sty-lo  they look cheap. The better way is that you should rather be yourself , simple and cute , "just like me!" ;) kidding! haha ..! 
* I believe that fashion is not about what you wear, but about how you wear it.
 It's more than putting together outfits and creating different looks, but a form of expression of one's         identity, creating a new outer layer of skin. I LIVE IT , I BREATHE IT , I EXPRESS IT .
You know personality begins where comparison ends! Do you even know what does it mean? 
It means that when you stop comparing yourself with others and just be yourself, only then you cane make your own style and get sleek n stylish ! 
                             ENJOY! PLAYING WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF STYLES! 
Trust me! smoking and other cheap stuff like that are not cool at all, it sounds cheap and pathetic to me.
Now lets see some in's and out's!!! 
* Black nail color is in. 

* Making thin eye - brows are in but! be careful girls don't end up making yourself look like a cartoon character! :P
* Trouser jeans are in.
* Blinging big colorful bangles are in.
* Platform stilletos are totally in and it makes you look more in style.
* Long frock tops are in.
* Short hair are out out out ...!!!
* Ironing is also moving out slowly slowly ... 
* Heels with thick soles are very in !
* Flats are in also like always baby!
* Long necklaces are loved by everyone! mostly i.e ...
* Big funky hand bags are very in!
* Jewellery with stones are in ..
* Thick eye liner and dark mascara is also very in!
And for the GUY'S .. Dude! you people don't need any advice because you guys look good in your own rough and tough style!
                   Enjoy! looking fashionably HOT! 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beauty the inner you ....

Beauty! If a girl is pretty or good looking everyone will say that ::
OMG! look at her! she is so beautiful.Not knowing her inside. Yes! you got me right, Beauty lies inside, It is the inner you that makes you look beautiful.
Lets suppose that a girl is extremely beautiful but her acts , her attitude , her habits are pathetic , then the whole impression will be ruined and she will be considered ugly. Beauty is internal , the makeup , clothes etc. won't make you look beautiful when the inner you is not beautiful , think over it n hope this would help ::
* Real beauty and glamour is not just mascara and channel no 5. , perfume and perfect lip gloss.
It's being a role model. Being beautiful on the inside and caring about others more than you do yourself.
* Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
If the inner you is not beautiful , It will show by your acts and the way you talk and that can only be noticed by the observer not you because you will obviously think that you are perfect but the observer can actually see what you are actually pretending to be.
here are a few tips ::
1. Be beautiful from the inside and let the glamour flowing  ;)
2. Be good to others , care for the ones around you specially your family which will make not make you look any less than a beautiful princess .
3. Be simple , simplicity is the best policy , which makes you beautiful to.
4. Beauty grabs attention , but personality captures the heart.
I am sure there's something beautiful hidden inside each and everyone of you , all you have to do is is just take it out and let the world know what you really are ... !!!