Sunday, 17 July 2011

The happenings.

Well, Yesterday i was just going through a page on this very popular community Facebook and i saw the recent status update which was about the complicated situation of Karachi that there is firing and killing all over the country again.
After reading the whole thing i got really disheartened but then i thought that this all is a normal thing nowadays, every other day  you hear about that someone is killed, someone is kidnapped, someone is abused, someone is harrased, or there's a blast, accident, and the list goes on and on and on! There is no peace. Everyone has become mean, cruel and selfish! No one loves this country anymore and our politicians and presidential group huh! thinking about them gives me a big laugh LOL! because i haven't seen such illiterate, looser and mean people in my entire life! All they know is to sit back and and enjoy our sufferings with a glass of vine. Shame on them! 
And shame on some of us people as-well because we also don't love our country.
QUAID-E-AZAM left this country for our betterment, safety and well being and we don't take care of it. 
In QUAID's times the people were a great support to the country and they used to go with the army to fight against the opponents so boldly and look at us we are a big bunch of coward people! come on! be bold, fight for your country! make all the wrongs go right! and for that we have to get rid of these looser politicians. 
This is our country and we live in it, so we need to protect it and make it a better place!
Whoever said these three words have said them very thoughtfully and we need to think about it!
All i can say after this is this beautiful thing:: 
Lab pe ati hai Du' a bun ke ye tamana meri,
Zindagi shama ki surat ho Khudaya meri! 
Pakistan Zindabad! =D