Saturday, 26 November 2011

Live, love, laugh!

This life is too short to be anything but happy! Don’t let this time pass by so easily instead hold it and live it to the full, do what you think you should, make it as special as you can, do what you think is better for you, do what can get you success, fame, pleasure!
This life is a place where you get everything but it’s up to you what you chose for yourself, the choice is yours.
Where there’s happiness there’s sadness, where there’s success there’s failure too but the best way to lead life is in a balanced manner… and you can do that, you have to make it balanced as it won’t be the way you want to until or unless you make it that way!
Be happy as you’ve never been happy, laugh and don’t stop, cry but don’t let others cry… if you can’t do good for someone then don’t do bad for them either!
Make this place special for yourself to live in and love everyone as much as you can…  don’t be stone hearted… keep a soft corner in your heart for everybody and be good… because you won’t get anything in being rude to people …
Male all your dreams come true, live your life to the full and my wishes and prayers are with everyone who have good intentions… All the best people!