Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hey now...!!!

Hey now! This is what dreams are made of! A very mesmerizing song … gives a great meaning. I totally love this song.
There’s always a hope, always a dream in everybody’s lives and everybody find true love for themselves.
I would like to share a beautiful quote here that I got from someone really smart. :P
“There are a few things in life that touch our hearts so much that we want to cry, Deprivation of a true human relation or realization of such deprivation is one of them and we try to ignore that, Convincing ourselves we are better of alone, but the truth is we all need and crave for love”.
Isn’t it deep and touchy?
Hope is something without which we won’t ever be able to move on in our life and dreams are something that actually gives us hope and a reason to live and move on and the most important and beautiful thing which is love, It is something that inspires us, motivates us and we never say no in life!
Love is what we can get from anyone, our mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, grand parents etc etc …
This song is sung so beautifully that you feel like listening to it over and over again, you just can’t stop loving it, I personally find it a very sweet song.
We should love life, there are so many beautiful things waiting for us, who says life is not a fairy tale, we can make it a fairy tale and make all our dreams come true. Love your family, dream for something really luxurious and out of the world and hope and try and try to make it come true, who knows that one day you will be triumphed and you’ll be standing on your destination and be as happy as no one could ever have been. Because the happiness that you get from your own hard work is unlimited and so natural which comes from deep within? I wish you all the very best and who knows in between 
you find your prince charming or princess charming ;)