Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sometimes life gets so weird that it acts like a maze and it takes ages for you to get out of it. You struggle really hard, figure out different ways to get out of it and sometimes it even scares you and sometimes you lose hope, but some people are strong they don’t lose hope and keep struggling and those who struggle always makes their way out! That’s what you learn to keep moving on and not looking back.
Sometimes life gets really complicated and specially when it’s because of someone who means allot to you, you get shattered, feel left out, you feel like you are standing alone in a middle of nowhere and nobody exists there except you and your shadow. You then think that why did it happen? Why you feel left out? You look inside you, ask yourself for where you went wrong and what you did wrong in short you look for your own mistakes then you look for the other persons mistakes. It’s people who make mistakes but sometimes it’s not them it’s their innocence but people don’t think that way because they don’t know you, they humiliate you, leave you alone when you actually need someone, need someone to listen to you, to understand you, instead they leave you alone, it’s the innocence that puts you into trouble, you trust each and every person so easily because you think that he/she is sincere to you and it happens because you are sincere and pure to everybody but people think that you pretend, you act, gain sympathy when it’s not true it’s because you are dumb enough to understand people, you cannot judge them and they take you for granted and use you. Then you learn that you won’t trust anybody and remain quiet, you won’t say anything for there is no one to understand you. You make stupid mistakes and learn but yes it sure drives you crazy for a second and you get scared you criticize yourself, get into depression but you don’t have to let yourself fall or you’ll get wasted!
This life is very complicated just a little mistake and you’re busted! It is very hard for some people who do show that nothings wrong but people does not know what their life actually is for they make it perfect in people’s eyes. But yes they do make idiotic mistakes that they can’t afford but it’s a human nature that they can’t help but yea they learn when they get slammed in their faces!
I have learnt allot of things from life and some of them are not trusting everybody easily, thinking a thousand times before taking a step, being reserved and hiding the inner you or else people will take you totally wrong and make things on you and you’ll be left out all alone because no one understands you except for your family and nothing can be like your family for their love for you is limitless specially your mama and daddy no one can be as sincere to you as they are. This life is very complicated but with people like your parents it gets just so simple.