Sunday, 3 July 2011

In the memory of my loving family ...!!!

I still Remember when i was a kid , It used to be so much fun, all of us cousins playing, having sleep overs, how much fun it used to be, I just can't forget those memories, because time changes , places change , people change but memories are all that you remember and cherish them , some even make you cry.
I remember when we all used to sit together talk about everything , share our views and then they all used to pick me and make fun of me as i used to be really dumb . LOL ... but even if they made fun of me atleast it made them smile n laugh that i loved to see on their faces always ... but we are not together anymore , everything has changed , all i have are the memories of those good old times that we spent together . I wish those times could come back , it really makes me cry when i think about them , miss my cousins and specially my grand parents (R.I.P) . But everything happens for good which is also true but if your family is not their with you then everything looks dull and empty .
But i have the loveliest of memories which i remember and smile , even cry at times and miss every second that we spent together.
*Memory is the thing that you cherish , when you don't have the past time of your life anymore.
Always remember the good memories not the bad.
Love your family and your loved ones , those who are very special to you and never let them go because it hurts so much!
                 THE DAYS ,

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