Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fashion ...!!!

Fashion is a popular style of accessories , dressing , living , etc. 
Nowadays everything is considered fashion even the pathetic stuff like smoking and drinking.
Fashion is all about style , but some people doesn't know what style means, instead of being sty-lo  they look cheap. The better way is that you should rather be yourself , simple and cute , "just like me!" ;) kidding! haha ..! 
* I believe that fashion is not about what you wear, but about how you wear it.
 It's more than putting together outfits and creating different looks, but a form of expression of one's         identity, creating a new outer layer of skin. I LIVE IT , I BREATHE IT , I EXPRESS IT .
You know personality begins where comparison ends! Do you even know what does it mean? 
It means that when you stop comparing yourself with others and just be yourself, only then you cane make your own style and get sleek n stylish ! 
                             ENJOY! PLAYING WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF STYLES! 
Trust me! smoking and other cheap stuff like that are not cool at all, it sounds cheap and pathetic to me.
Now lets see some in's and out's!!! 
* Black nail color is in. 

* Making thin eye - brows are in but! be careful girls don't end up making yourself look like a cartoon character! :P
* Trouser jeans are in.
* Blinging big colorful bangles are in.
* Platform stilletos are totally in and it makes you look more in style.
* Long frock tops are in.
* Short hair are out out out ...!!!
* Ironing is also moving out slowly slowly ... 
* Heels with thick soles are very in !
* Flats are in also like always baby!
* Long necklaces are loved by everyone! mostly i.e ...
* Big funky hand bags are very in!
* Jewellery with stones are in ..
* Thick eye liner and dark mascara is also very in!
And for the GUY'S .. Dude! you people don't need any advice because you guys look good in your own rough and tough style!
                   Enjoy! looking fashionably HOT! 

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