Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Story of a stray cat...!!!

Pure white colored furry skin , so soft, big black bulging eyes, a little cute mouth, OH! she looked such an adorable little cat, when i saw her sleeping right next to my foot mat outside my house. I could not help picking her up in my arms and taking her inside the house.
It was really cold so i took a basket put a cushion and then the kitty on the cushion and then i covered her with a blanket. She cuddled the cushion and slept, "AWWWWWW" she looked so cute!.
I decided to keep her forever with me. I gave her the name of Elena. I took her to the hospital got her vaccinated. Took great care of her.
I was just sitting when i realized that these poor creatures that are Animals, they also have feelings , because when i used to pat Elena or  pick er up she used to get so happy and hyper and if i did not see her or played with her a single day , she used to get sad and sit in the corner and did not eat anything, then i thought that she's attached to me, because when you live with someone you get attached with each other automatically.
When i saw Elena's responses towards me they were so cute! whenever i used to call her name she came running and she used to lick my hands . ha ha adorable little creature! =D
We should be nice to Animals because all they want is love and care and protection specially,  at least we can give them that right? rather than just hitting them and being harsh with them and making a sin.

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