Friday, 22 July 2011


This topic is for those people who love to shop! And mostly where shopping is concerned girls don't leave a single chance to go out and grab there favorite accessory, clothes and whatever you can think of. In fact nowadays you can see or hear about various magazines, ads and gossips related to shopping every where. I keep on surfing the internet most of the time and I was looking that if you see most of the pages on Face book then they are about clothes, lawns, jewelry, bags etc. I totally loved everything; all the designs and styles were so classy that anyone can fell in love with them; every design of everything that you can name of has its own beauty and charm. 

There are a few pages that I loved the best which are as follows: B n B Accessories, this page has the most amazing collection of bags, bangles, shoes very sleek and stylish!  
The headbands page has really cute hand made headbands, I really admire that nowadays most of the girls are coming up with really nice creative work, and it is a really good thing! I must say that you guys should keep on coming up with such great work and one day you will get allot of fame! Even allot of designers have introduced lawn prints this summer which are remarkable!
I so want to go out and start shopping at this very moment!
I see so many new shops which have everything of girls need and except for girls I see so many accessory shops for guys also and they have got some really cool bands, belts, scarf’s WOAH! I must say we don’t need to go over seas to shop now as we have got everything of our concern over here in Pakistan!
Come on chuckle-heads what are you waiting for? Get rid of your lazy bums and get moving go out there and start shopping now!                                                                                   

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