Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sisters forever...!!!

[(This post has been written by my 12 years old sister and i am really touched by reading all this... seriously this was the sweetest post ever Mahnoor. I love you little princess =**)]
Me and Mini are the best sisters ever! We love each other as no one has ever loved anyone since I was born an as I am now we had many fights and arguments and trust me when I say a lot, but still we love each other, and no matter what happens we’ll love each other till the end since we had our first talk when I was probably 3 or 4 we promised to ourselves that we will never let anyone come in our way. No one can break our bond and we will never let any one break it. So till the day we are alive we were sisters, we are sisters and we will always be sisters no matter what happens. We had funny moments and we had bad moments but still we are one. I love you minilympic. Till I am alive. And you will see that by yourself because I am still wearing the band you gave me.

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