Sunday, 23 September 2012

Relations good or bad… How do you see them?

Relations have both good and bad sides but mostly what people does is that they keep on ignoring the bad side and stay with the good which is good but sometimes it can be really worse as well.
I have listened to a lot of stories… how people end up getting hurt and just ruin themselves behind a single person and majority are girls because they are stupid … no seriously they are I am one and I can say that I am very stupid.. Nothing to be ashamed of but that’s a fact =P anyways, how would you feel when the other person ends up liking someone else and you don’t even have a single clue about it? What if he is making lame excises just because he’s bored of you? Or doesn’t want to see you anymore? How would you feel? You put everything in and in the end you are left out like you were nobody… so, just stop being stupid and think about it… never trust anybody so quickly, don’t judge easily, don’t open up so quickly, don’t start feeling a lot… take time, move slow, stay calm, get to know him first and then decide because nowadays people have made relations a joke… they keep on changing people like as if they are changing clothes… is it a joke? Playing with people’s feelings? Do you think its fare? No! Its not!
Think about it… Move slow, chose wisely and go for the one who you think is best for you because you know yourself better… and you nobody’s perfect, everybody have faults but some people are just way too much… they don’t have feelings.. all they know is to fulfill there needs and throw people away… you know the difference, you know everybody around you and you very well know the situation so keep your eyes open… because you never know what you might get into.
-Something to think about!

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