Monday, 24 September 2012


Sometimes it is not necessary to meet a person to judge a person, sometimes just talking is enough and sometimes even when you meet a person it takes you forever to judge a person and sometimes just one talk can tell you everything.
Usually people keep on going in and out of your lives and sometimes some people come and they never leave, all these things just look good in reading but sometimes they happen as well. Some people come and stay and make you feel that you also are special or mean something to someone. Sometimes you think it’s a dream but sometimes somewhere it shows you that you’re not dreaming and it’s actually happening. Sometimes you keep on waiting for that someone to come but sometimes that someone is in your life and you don’t even have a clue. Sometimes some people love you for a reason but sometimes some people love you for no reason and sometimes some people loves you unconditionally and now that’s for you to judge. Sometimes when some people get that someone, they do so much for each other and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not…
Just like sometimes… sometimes you get a person who: cares for you, takes interest in your life, loves you, be with you, gives you his shoulder, scolds you because he cares, guides you because he’s true, talks to you, walks with you, holds your hand to say “I am with you”, fights with you because it is also special at times, cries with you etc etc
 Sometimes when I think about sometimes stories I think my sometimes is almost here… or maybe already here, sometimes people hate sometimes stories but deep inside that’s the thing everybody’s waiting for, so if you get your sometime don’t push it back, because you never know maybe it’s the one that you were waiting for!!!

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