Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mama I love you!!!
This post is dedicated to my mother on this special day! which is Mother’s Day, though, I believe everyday is mother’s day. As this special day is only for mothers and we express our feelings to our mothers, we tell them how much we love them, well my feelings are a little different…
I consider my mother my father, my brother, my sister and my best friends, the relation between me and my mother is very special we both mean a lot to each other… we fight like kids, we argue with each other, we laugh like crazy with each other, we share each and every little thing, which makes our bond even stronger. What I am now is just because of my mother… I am not afraid of anything just because my mother is with me and her prayers are with me as well… when nobody is there to listen to me I know my mom is always there, when nobody is with me, my mom is always there to hold my hand tight and say you go ahead I am here for you…. Sometimes I even do something’s which are totally crazy and my mom lets me do, just because I will learn from my mistakes…
I can’t stay without sharing everything with my mom… what I do all day, my personal feelings that no one knows and no one will ever know, my likes, my dreams, my weaknesses, what upsets me is all what I tell her so openly that no one can ever tell their mom’s but I can, because she is somebody just so special for me…. I can’t imagine myself a single second without my mom… I don’t even know what will I do without her… to be honest I am not at all close to my siblings because I find them all in my mom … she is my whole world… I feel secure when she’s around, she makes me feel so special and I make her feel the same way… I listen to her when she is upset, I wipe her tears when she’s down, I stand with her when she needs a shoulder, and I give her advice when there’s no one at her side… I hold her close when she feels alone… I am her sister when she needs one… because I know her pain and I know how has she struggled for our family, I can understand her like no one can ever do… I will always be beside her, to hug her, to love her, to give her all that she wants in her daughter<3 ! I guess now I will stop writing otherwise I won’t be able to control my emotions… Love You Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been in so many troubles from where there’s no way out… but just because of my mothers prayers I always get out of them safely… I thank ALLAH mian a zillion, trillion times just because he gave me such a great friend, such a great dad, such a great brother, such a great sister in just one single human being and that is my mother… I love you more than anything mommy and no one can ever set us apart ever…. I feel so lucky, so lucky because there are some more mothers whose prayers are with me and who love me so much and they are my wonderful phuppo’s who I consider my khala’s as well.. I love you guys… happy mothers day to you people as well… may ALLAH mian bless you all as well <3 

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