Friday, 29 June 2012


When it really feels that you’ve chosen the perfect friends for you … well it happened to me when I met 2 idiots Umaima and Roshanay. It all started from *HI* *HEY* *WHAT’S UP* and all and then it converted into sisterhood which I am proud of. When I met them I knew that I can trust them, depend on them and I found the same from them for me. When we became friends our lives changed and became PERFECTO! Well enough of the emo-ness… let me tell you more…
Together we have all the fun that we can think of, totally random… we talk, we stalk, we cry, we laugh, we gossip, we run, take unlimited pictures with fantabulous poses HA HA!  LOL and you know what? We just love it! When we got to know each other I felt like yeah now they will always be with me, I felt right. When together we are the happiest. We know we are there for each other in every happiness and sadness. We seek each other for advice, help and sometimes we even scold and even insult but still that doesn’t mean that we break up InshALLAH we’ll always be together. Thank you guys for making my life so much better and happier… you guys make me forget all my worries =D It is just so perfect with you guys…seriously thanks a lot!!! I love you mommy and messi massy you are thee best!!! Without you guys there isn’t any fun! I feel so much hyper and energetic with you guys that I am still laughing while writing LOL…. I know you both are thinking that what is that *something* that I have for you guys… so here is it a little post to our never ending sisterhood =) our little family has just been created so now there’s a long way to InshALLAH. There’s still a lot more fun to come, a lot more meet ups and hangouts to make =D so chill ax and lets live the time of our lives… and lets make it all unforgettable which still is unforgettable… Cheers to us! J And yes of course I just love you guys so much! =D When I started to write I didn’t knew what I will write and now I just can’t stop… anyways happy reading!!! And you guys better stick with me forever or I’ll shoot you guys dead!!! Beware girlies ;) <3

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