Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Hidden secret ..!!!

It was a bright sunny day, everything looked perfect at Sabine High School, The sun shined brightly, and all the students were chilling under the warm sunlight in the college garden.
Innocent Rosella was laughing and having fun with her friends, Rosella was an 18 year old girl who was very pretty with a fair complexion , hazel eyes , normal height , long brown hair. Rosella belonged to a middle class family who adopted Rosella when she was just five years old because her parents had died in a car accident and they found her on the road and they wanted a baby as they had none and she was all that they wanted.
Rosella had 3 friends who were the closest to her Eros , Nikki and Ron. She also knew a guy named Mike who was tall , dark and handsome with wavy black hair. Mike always gave a sign as if he had something for Rosella but she was still confused.

On Saturday night it was college ball, all of Rosella's friends were going to the ball except for her because she didn't had any partner. She was very upset about it , She went on the college roof as it was her favorite hangout when she wandered like a lonely looser. She saw Mike standing there who was coming in her direction, He said:
Hey! Rosella said: Hi! What are you doing here?, Mike replied with a little smile that nothing, i just like coming up here sometimes, she said oh ... alright! so? he said: so! i was thinking that maybe you would like to go to the ball with me! if it's okay, Rosella replied umm ya sure! she was half blushing. Well Rosella went and told her friends about the good news, everyone got really excited and bought Rosella a special white dress. Everything was ready.
The night came and Rosella reached the ball, She waited outside the ball for Mike but there was no sign of him at all. Rosella searched but he was nowhere. She went on the roof and cried, suddenly she saw some light in the hedge outside the college. She went there and saw a hut she went a little more closer and she could not believe her little eyes that Mike was trying to be killed by some guy, she quickly picked up a big stone and hit the guy on his head from the back, the guy turned and hit the girl straight in her stomach with his knife and she lay unconscious. Mike was thankful to her at the same time he was shocked that how she got there and why she saved him? he picked her up, took her to the nearby Hospital and she was declared dead, he could not believe those words. Everyone got to hear the news that poor Rosella had been killed.
Rosella's friends came to Mike and handed him a diary which Rosella wrote in grade 1, she and Mike were class fellows since grade 1, but Mike forgot about her, Poor Rosella she loved him like crazy, in that diary she had pictures of Mike, his crazy habits , picture of his guitar , his music , everything about Mike was in it , and Mike could not believe that how he couldn't notice such a big thing...!!! 
Guys! if you love someone and if there's anyone who is close to you go and tell them how you feel don't wait because you never know what might happen the next moment..!!!
[This story is compromised by Minahil Raza and Maheen Ahmad] 
Maheen is my wonderful friend who gave me the idea about this whole story while i wrote it and i must say she has the most awesome ideas.. Happy reading..!!! 


  1. ab tumhein yahan b mazak sooj raha hai ?
    It is a love story can't u see?
    wasn't it good ? :/

  2. Very well written :)
    Loved it ! :) It was so touchyyy ! :D
    You are a one great writer I must say ! :XD
    keep it up! :)

  3. hey ! thanks honey .. it is all because of you ..
    thanks alot maheen =)