Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Workers in the town go uaein uain uain...!!! =P

Nowadays, everything is so complicated, the situation is very crucial, the workers are helpless, not getting any jobs, and specially those who deserve to get a job but don't. wherever they go all they see is a big sign which says "NO".
Why? Why are there so many problems? Why everything is going down? because there is no brotherhood left, lack of communication, people doesn't work unitedly, everyone has become selfish, self obsessed, etc.
Everyone have to hold hands and move together as one big community.
One basic important postulate is that government should be kicked out with a "BIG BANG" bunch of losers!!! 
When they'll be kicked out only then things will get some better, But for that also we have to do something together, helping each other without being selfish...
Geo workers ;) :P
Don't worry guys work hard and work together, then all is going to be well!!!=) 

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