Monday, 27 June 2011

The Fairy Tale !!!

Hey guys! AOA! Well is this post i would like to share a story with you guys which is about 2  love birds that i know. Well here we start.
One upon a time there was a guy named A and a girl named R, they both went to the same college where the fairy tale actually started, They were in the same class.
The boy was very serious from the beginning he did not got along with everyone quiet well, BUT! one day he got friends with a girl  named R, they got along so well, talking and sharing stuff, everyone got curious that what was going on, But A kept a secret and said that they are just good friends. A went to his mum and secretly told her about *R* and his mum agreed. SO, the days passed, their college came to and end, they graduated and then the best part came! A's mum talked to R's mum and both the families decided to meet which lead them to the decision which was tying both the love birds *A* & *R* into a knot!
Their engagement got decided and then finally everyone got to know Mr.A's  hidden secret fairly tale! ;)
Yesterday A & R got engaged ... which was Awwww so cute! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!
                                                  A&R = Abdullah & Rachel
Abdullah & Rachel are my lovely cousins and this was specially written for them! <3

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