Monday, 27 June 2011

The Artistic World !!!

Sometimes i just think that if we see around we'll see that everything has art in it. Everything is made up of art.
For example, the building of house is usually made by using the art of lines and we get a beautiful structure. Similarly clothing,designing,interior designing,gardening,cooking,decoration,housing,make-up etc all these things are made by using the essence of art.
Art gives everything such a wonderful look which  makes the world so lovely. 
Even writing is an art, everyone have their own way of writing, it just came to my mind while writing, LOL. Art gives everything such a colorful touch which makes everything look beautiful in it's own way. And specially the art that ALLAH showed us by making this whole world,the moon,the stars,the whole galaxy,flowers, OMG! countless things, just so wonderful SUBHANALLAH, Hats off.  I personally am a great big fan of arts, and when i find it everywhere in everything it just leaves me amazed! everything has hidden art even you yourself have hidden art, and i will leave that to you yourself to find out! ;) PEACE!


  1. Art is so much. :-) Love it.
    Welcome to blogging. :-)

  2. I am bad with arts , :P
    thou Art is love ;)

  3. Komal :: hey thankyou so much for appreciating and expressing your views .... n thanks hope to see your comment on other posts aswell .. happy reading! :)

  4. maheen :: haha dun worry dude you can keep trying nad maybe u have some hidden talents .. let it flow out ;)