Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Never Lose Hope !!!

Hope! Hope is about happiness, hope is determination, hope is about moving on, it's about starting a new tomorrow, it's about facing new challenges and achieving your goals, aims and making your dreams come true.
Many people say that "Where there's will, there's hope" and if you notice it is quiet true, because when you have will power i.e will to achieve something, when you say that "I can do it!" or "I will do it!" that is will, when you have will, you will have hope automatically.
I would personally say that never look back and move on in life, make your life how you want it to be, But! in a good way. 
This little quote will help allot ::  
 Never lose faith in you abilities,
 Trust the instincts you have inside,
They will guide you through your journey.
You see everyone has something inside, some hidden talent that they should use, don't keep it trapped inside, just let it out, maybe you get what you want . "Take me, i used to write allot of diaries , i love to write and see ? here i am giving it a try because i have hope. I hope that maybe i'm going to get something out of it, and it can be knowledge, money, appreciation , fame etc. so, i will keep on writing".  

Don't lose hope, keep on working hard and INSHALLAH you will get to your destination.
In the end i would say that :: * It is all about taking chances , It's about doing something (everyone); said you couldn't do... It is about being goofy . It is not about caring what other people think. It is about learning to live [ love ] what you have is life! 
                                                  (It all comes from hope!).

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