Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friends a blessing !

Zenab : Hey! What's up? How are you minie? :D 
Me: i am good ... what about you?
Zenab: I am good to ... I called to tell you that we all are going out so get ready!
Me: OMG! I can't wait! I'm waiting! 

That was mine and zenabs excitement when she told me that we all our going out with her. I got so excited that i quickly went , got dressed up and started waiting for her. By the time i was waiting something came to my mind and i started thinking that just one phone call and i forgot about everything till we talked, It felt like were the only ones on this earth. Seriously! Friends are a great blessing. You cherish the moments when together that even the silence doesn't bore you. You enjoy each and every bit of it to the full. You share the past memories, Talk about what's bothering you, You do all the hot gossips , LOL because that's a must when girls are together ;) . You laugh together and sometimes you even get sentimental, but all of the time when you are with your friends everything looks good and new. 
Just imagine what life would be without friends. It will be dull , colorless and totally bore, So don't lose your friends because good friends are hard to find. We lost our friend, So now we are just 5. We know the pain of losing a friend, specially when you have done so much and hatred is all you get in return. Go and make the best out of every moment that you spend with your friends :). 
This was in the memory of our friend who left us , although we know she doesn't give a damn about us , But still it is for her ...! 
Axa , Zen , Hudiee , Ck ... <3 you guys and we'll make the best out of every moment that we spend together (INSHALLAH)
Our sheeshtah hood = Love! =)

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