Friday, 24 June 2011

LyF .. !!!

So , when we hear this sentence , word or whatever , what is the very first thing that comes to your mind ? What is life ? Actually life is about everything , all the things that we talk about comes in this little world called life . In life there are happy moments and sad moments at the same time for example , we get happy when our family member comes to visit us after a long long time or we get sad when we see a terrorist attack or see someone in pain or grief . There are alot of hardships and struggle in life and only those succeed who face them all and move on in life . Life is very complicated at times and only we know how to get out out of that complication n make it back to normal again . But , thhere are some people who do not care about life , they do not care about there family and all they know is to hurt themselves and die , not knowing that how many other people they are killing with themselves  . Wake up people , You guys need to know the meaning of life , Don't lose hope , Come on peple , lets move , lets make a difference and make this world a better place so that we live our lives peacefully. :)


  1. very well written Minahil, and Sure life is beautiful but we have to face challeneges and they are important because without them life would be boring :) <3 but Awesomely expalained.
    Love and take care,

  2. hey!!! thanks alot maheen my very first reader ... i really appreciate that you liked all that i wrote :) take care to n happy reading <3