Saturday, 3 December 2011

Books… what do you think when you hear the word books? Is headache the thing that you get from it? Then listen, Books are not like that at all, there are many other books such as novels and story books that I totally love to read.
Reading books is a very good thing to do, when you read a story you go In your own imaginary world where the whole story plays like a movie… it is a wonderful feeling trust me!
There are so many books by so many famous authors and once you start reading you won’t stop, all you’ll do is read on and on and on… Step by step you learn something new, you change in a good way, it improves your vocabulary and you enjoy every bit of it!
Grab a book and start reading, I can bet you’ll love the feeling… Those who read books are so cool in my eyes I mean it is such a great hobby …
I am a book lover and love to read and the best part is when you go in your imaginary world while reading and create your own movie…

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