Friday, 9 December 2011

Impossible to be alone!

Have you ever thought to take a step alone? At every single step you think a friend would join, your parents would support you but you can never go further without a shoulder, some support or a loving hand.
This life is an endless game, it plays with us in many different ways… it makes us love, get hurt, makes us laugh, then at the same time makes us cry, takes our test and tries it’s best to make us lose… but we still move on if someone is with us to motivate us otherwise we sit and wait for someone to come or we sit their and others go far ahead from us and we stay their with our lives at a pause.
In this life no matter how much we deny, we all need someone, someone to love, and someone who makes us feel special, someone to hold our hand through everything.
It’s true that we all need and crave for love... it’s totally undeniable… If we know we have somebody with us... we feel like doing anything possible, we go far ahead, everything we do feels great.. But that feeling is not the same when we have to do it alone, all by ourselves.
If anyone of you loves someone then don’t make it late for that person to know! Never keep anything inside… just let it out… let that person know... but don’t keep inside! God knows maybe you get what you thought you’d never get!

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